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About the National Training Authority

The National Training Authority (NTA) has long been regarded as Ireland's premier provider of superior quality, value for money, distance learning, attendance learning and blended learning courses and in the last few years the Authority has increased  the range of courses on offer and combined these with international  recognised and accredited awards.

The NTA is committed to a programme of course development with the introduction of many more courses  that will carry international accreditation over the coming months and this process is set to continue for the foreseeable future. In addition, all our courses undergo periodic review and updating so that you can be sure they are as fresh and up-to-date as possible.

The whole purpose of an NTA course is to enable you to use your  time to add to your existing skills, improve your job prospects, or start a new career for yourself and, therefore, realise your true potential.

All our courses are written by professionals, and this combined with dedicated tutors, ensures you will receive all the help you need to succeed. The lessons or modules are delivered and or in a practical and easily understandable style so they are not difficult to follow. In fact, our students or learners, as we prefer to call them, tell us, over and over again that the modules are fascinating, down-to-earth, practical and free of unnecessary waffle. As you complete your modules you have various assignments/projects to complete and  you will receive valuable advice, support and encouragement from your tutor to help you complete these. All our tutors are very experienced in their fields and therefore can give you the professional guidance you need and equally important, they will encourage and inspire you to reach your potential. With their knowledge you can master the subject of your choice and this will give you a real sense of achievement.

The objective is not only to help you achieve greater personal and professional success - but to show you how to get what you really want out of life and at the end to provide you with a qualification that will mark you out as someone with of exceptional management potential.

How Competent are you as a manager?  If you don’t know or are unsure then you can find out with the following test that is offered without any extra charge will all our management courses.

Verax International are world leaders in the provision of Management/Leadership competencies tests and we include such a test with all our courses that contain a business/management element.

This test has to be taken on line and the results will be sent directly to each student by email usually within 3/4 working days.

The test will allow you to assess your own performance against 16 key management/leader competencies - such as customer focus, decision making, creativity and team working - which are valued by employers and which are very important for effective performance as a manager or team leader. There is one test for managers in the public sector and a separate test for all other managers. Depending on which version chosen, your performance is benchmarked either against 15,000 or so managers in the database or against public sector managers only.

In summary, this unique test will show you what to stop doing (or do less of) and what to start doing (or do more of) in order to become more effective in your current role/activity. In effect, you are told what you need to do to become a more effective manager and team leader and most important of all, how to do it.

Our mission is quite simple: it is to bring to you the highest level of professional training and education in business / management programmes and to give you access to these  in a convenient and  affordable way.

We are open all year round which means you can start at any time that suits you.  Distance Learning, eLearning, and Blended Learning are ideal learning formats for anybody who hasn’t the time to attend for full-time or evening classes.  Our courses offer real savings both in terms of time and transportation and are exceptional value compared to what is offered by other course providers.  They are no extras to pay.