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CMI Award in Neighbourhood Management

Title: CMI Award  in Neighbourhood Management
Award: CMI  Award in Neighbourhood  Management
Delivery:   By distance learning, eLearning and Blended learning
Starting Date:  Because of the way this course is delivered it can be started at any time during the year
Course Duration: You will be expected to complete this course in 12 months but application can be made to extend this.
Course fee: €850  which includes a non refundable registration fee of €250.
East Payment Plan: €170 a month for six months.
Terms & Conditions Apply

Course Overview:
This exciting Certificate course in neighbourhood Management is a comprehensive structured qualification providing community leaders with the key management and supervisory skills and techniques to enable them to operate  in a professional manner in the area of community management.  The qualification facilitates those involved  in community services to develop a wide range of management competencies.

National Framework Level
This qualification is not aligned on the Irish National Framework of qualifications but is written to Level 5.


Course contents:


Learners will be required to complete 2 assignments that can take the form of written reports, presentations or case studies or a combination of same.
As part of our quality assurance, learner assessment work will be marked by an internal Assessor, then checked by an internal verifier and an independent CMI approved External Authenticator.

Who should complete this course?
Those considering commencing a career in Neighbourhood Management
Those who have just started their working career  in this sector and who wish to gain a qualification in the area.
Those with some years experience who want to gain a formal qualification


This course is ideal for those who have recently started their career or for those who have some years experience but who lack a formal qualification.  It basically provides an introduction to professional  neighbourhood management.  No practical or academic business background is required for entry.  Learners should be computer literate and have access to broadband.

Progression to Further Studies:
Successful students can progress to more advanced  and specialist CMI  Management courses – please see home page on this website for full details.

Following successful completion you will receive the CMI  (Chartered Institute of Management) Introductory Certificate in Neighbourhood Management.
The CMI is the only management /educational body authorised to make Chartered Management awards in the world. Being a Chartered Manager is the pinnacle of achievement and public recognition of this.


Analysis of your Management Leadership Skills

This is an invaluable test that is taken on line and only costs €50.   It will provide you enormous help and guidance in enabling you to get the most out of your learning.  The assessment sent to you when you complete the test will not count in any way to your eventual qualification.  It is intended to enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses and so concentrate on those parts of the course that are most valuable to you.

You may feel that you are already aware of these.  However, systematic research shows that just over half the population are unaware of their real strengths, let alone their weaknesses.

The test provides you with a logical way of assuring these for yourself.  You simply answer the questions in the test honestly – there are no right or wrong answers.  Only you will see the results.

The test will allow you assess your own performance against 16 key management/leader competencies – including, customer focus, decision making, creativity and team working – which are valued by employers and which are very important for effective performance as a manager or team leader.
There is one test for managers in the Public Sector and a separate test for all other managers.
Depending on which version chosen, your performance is benchmarked either against 15,000 or so managers in the database or against public sector managers only.

In summary, this excellent test will show you what to stop doing (or do less of) and what to start doing (or do more of) in order to become more effective in your current role/activity.  In short, you are told what you need to do to become a more effective manager and team leader and most important of all, how to do it.

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